Mass Memory Modules

The Flash Memory Module (FMM) project was born in association with ESA to answer to the next generation of mass memory modules. The FMM architecture is foreseen for missions where Flash memory technology has to be considered for aerospace equipments, ensuring high memory capacities and high speed data flows processing.

Main features:
The FMM development is focused on three main objectives:
1. Developing an architecture which will be scalable in terms of memory size and data rates.
2. Implementation of the Flash memory controller.
3. Implementation of the data protection solutions against radiation: 1 x SEFI(1) + 1 x SEU(2).

Scalable capacity:
From 256 Gbits to 2 Tbits per module

Write/read speed:
Up to 2.5 Gbps per module

Data protection:
Against radiation (1xSEFI + 1xSEU).

What is not included in the FMM and shall be provided at higher level (e.g. OBC(3)):
• File management;
• Bad block management;
• Wear leveling.

(1) SEFI - Single Event Functional Interrupt
(2) SEU - Single Event Upset
(3) OBC - On-board computer

Mass Memory Modules